So where were you as the Jews were gassed and Hitler held sway? Did you think it was reason to go to war or someone else's problem? What we see among our media and so-called elite today is nothing new to America. This part of our country could care less who was dying if they were not. It was only a matter of time before this degenerate view would apply even if we ourselves were attacked. They would rather ignore our own dead than fight the most bellicose of enemies. These people did not support the military and wish Bin Laden dead in the aftermath of 9/11. They were just being quiet so the average American did not kick their butts at the corner store or barbershop.

So where were you when the communist Vietnamese came into Bu Dop village after mortaring it and burned the Montagnards in their bunkers with flame-throwers in 1967? Was that one of your famous 'humanitarian issues' you scream about or were you in the streets carrying the flag of those who committed a clear case of your much talked about 'genocide'? You spout off a lot and second-guess every decision a Soldier or Marine makes in the heat of battle. Where were you and your voice when the communists made the schoolteacher and children carry the American flag and march toward my camp in 1972 as they used them as 'human-shields'?

You talk about abolishing the death penalty but where were you when my fellow POWs were executed by your 'heroes' the Viet Cong? They had committed no crime and the executions were part of retaliation against our government and the South Vietnamese. They had no lawyer and there was no protest from you. Where were you? You scream and yell about a bunch of terrorists in Cuba but you said nothing while the communists kept Jim Thompson and brutalized him for nine years in Vietnam. When they beat another POW to death with fan belts, where were you?

While the Russians and Vietnamese gassed the Lao and Hmong you were either AWOL or denied it all. After all, you supported them in the war. Where were you when Che executed the prisoners from the former regime in Cuba? I know you love to march with his picture on your T-shirt but where were you when murder was his middle name?

When Saddam was murdering people by the thousands and his prisons were full, where were you? You were in the streets wanting to give him control of all his assets so he could kill more. While he murdered and raped his way through Kuwait you claimed it was about oil and blamed us. While his minions brutalized our POWs and the British where were you? You only showed up when it was the enemy in a pristine prison and wanted to know why a Koran fell on the floor.

Where were you when Ted Kennedy left the scene of an accident and a young girl died? You did not show up until somebody let slip the name of a female clerk from CIA and then you wanted heads to roll. Then you came in force. When George Bush joined the National Guard you claim it was dodging the draft. But when Bill Clinton lied to everyone from the Draft Board to the ROTC Commander where were you? Every female military officer who whined had her alleged harasser found guilty in the media. Yet when Bill Clinton serial-harassed you either giggled or could not be found. Where were you?

Every person you did not agree with politically was subject to being run out of office for his or her sexual foibles. When lisping Barney Frank was chasing every young male page on the Hill, where were you? You want to pass laws protecting women and children but you can't keep your own hands off them.

You want to be 'inclusive' and give Muslims a place to pray and worship at school. When they threw God off the campus, where were you? You want every religion to be able to wear their own headgear even with a military uniform. When chaplains were told to not push the 'Jesus thing' too much, where were you?

Many of you have betrayed morality, God, Country and our troops on the field of battle. But there will be a final day of reckoning when all will be judged. Then we will not have to ask where you are at this most crucial of times. We will know where you are, you moron and may the Devil enjoy your company.

Copyright 2007, by
Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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