As the American shot the photo - Loan shot the Cong in the head -
Just another casualty - In a War with millions dead -
But that picture sent around the world - Made the Cong so well known -
That all the War was fought about - Centered on a picture over blown -
Who really was the Viet Cong - That Loan shot that day -
Why he was sent - No one would really say -
It was down by Police Headquarters - That Loan shot that man -
It was through this building - the terrorist led his band -
The bodies of the typists - gunned down without remorse -
The same pictured terrorist - screaming for blood, 'till he was hoarse -
He wore no uniform - The rules of war are clear -
No right to trial by jury - It's the firing squad, I fear -
The picture used by long-haired freaks - To scream for Loan's head -
But I stood amongst the typists that day - I know why he is dead -
He was no valiant soldier - He hid behind the civilian's cloak -
When he threw his satchel charge - the rules of war he broke -
No soldierly honor and protection - For the terrorist by law -
It was the clearest case of justice - that I ever saw -
So don't point to that picture - To debate my war with me -
This wasn't a bullet in the night - It was there for all to see -
As we fight the terrorist today - Even in our own homeland -
Think kindly of General Loan - And the day he took his stand -
When some smart man challenges you - about that shot in old Saigon -
Think about dead typist girls - And damn that Viet Cong -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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