It is rather amazing how times change. At one time a fellow with liberal political views was called "Pro-Communist." Now when people in our government or private business get in bed with the last Communist dictators on earth, they are called "realistic" and "visionary."

They are investigating a group of Cuban Americans for trying to assassinate Fidel Castro. I say more power to them. The "bearded one" is guilty of "war crimes" in Vietnam. He sent his goons to torture American POWs. He should be on a list of criminals indicted for War Crimes. Trade embargo? Screw that, let the Cuban Americans take their shot. This guy does not belong on CNN, he deserves to be in the dock on trial.

King Sihinouk the "savior" of Cambodia? This charming little man personally gave the order to execute members of the Sisowath wing of the Royal Family, after he marched in with the Khmer Rouge. He also personally told the Khmer Rouge to hold on to American POWs. The giggling little Monarch is a war criminal.

Le Duc Anh personally gave the orders to kill American POWs. So did Vo Van Kiet and Do Moi. But our government talks about these guys like they are budding Democrats. They are war criminals.

The Socialists in Burma have murdered people by ethnic group and just because they couldn't carry the load the army gave them, in a rather unique and cruel version of the "Army Mule." An internationally supervised/observed election voted the Socialists out and a patriotic woman in. Then we walked away and our oil companies got in bed with the Socialist Junta. Khun Sa, who was put on our "most wanted" list, came in from the cold and joined SLORC. They have refused to hand him over and we continue to provide aid for them to "combat drugs." These guys are ot fighting drugs, they are eliminating the competition. They are guilty of "crimes against humanity" for the murder of "porters" and the rape and murder of ethnic minority women. We show sympathy for their problems and label anyone who stands against them as "dope dealers." We are alienating entire nations of people, in the claim that business is good for the economy and the economy being good, is somehow the rough equivalent of an Asian "one man, one vote." It is not and never has been.

We are sending food to prop up the regime in North Korea. The little bum in charge has personally ordered the murder of South Korean leaders in Burma and had a leading South Korean actress and her Director kidnapped from Hong Kong to make movies with him in North Korea. We have to prop this maniac up to get him to stop making nukes and exporting them to terrorists? No, we do not! We could just as easily launch a Tomahawk into Kim Il Sung's illegal facilities as we did in the Sudan. Do we have to wait until Clinton drops his drawers in front of the wrong woman again, before he does this? We seem to only get an air strike or missile strike out of Bill when he is in legal trouble.

Our overhead intelligence knows the location of every poppy field and coca plantation on earth. Screw going after indictments, let's nape the fields and plantations. The civilian populace does not live in those fields. It is a win-win situation. In Laos, it would free the Hmong from slavery. They are forced to grow poppies for the Communist government. The same goes for Burma. Let's help all the countries on earth get rid of the "scourge of drugs." Send in the napalm and the hell with these pictures of smiling DEA boys and local officials burning ten kilos of heroin. There would be no labs, if there was no raw product to keep them running. But we have too much sympathy for the Hmong/Lao opium users and the Indians in South/Central America chewing coca leaves. Let the Lao/Hmong smoke Salem and the Indians chew Spearmint. Don't tell me about ancient traditions of using dope. We should have started with the Hopi's and their Peyote in the Southwest in the good old USA. I was raised with the Indians of New Mexico. Everyone knows the religious significance of Peyote is a scam. Everyone, that is, except the Federal Government. See, Peyote keeps these folks pacified and on welfare.

You want to hold the goons in Southeast Asia responsible for American POWs they had their little hands on and for the heroin being pumped into the veins and snorted by poor addicts in Harlem It is easy! Don't meet with them and ask for "Cooperation." Meet with them, threaten the hell out of them and start naping the poppies. Then nape the marijuana in Laos and Cambodia. Do it in the name of the "good Governments" that are "cooperating" with us on POWs and drugs. Without drugs, totalitarian regimes from Burma to Afghanistan will fall flat. Destroy the fields for two seasons - that is only one year - then they are gone. We can humanely drop beacons in the middle of the fields, totally away from all civilians and our jets could drop directly on the fields. It ain't hard, people! - it is easy.

Dope props up totalitarian regimes around the world. Take it away and they have only one thing to deal and that is those criminals who killed our hostages, blew up our embassies and the POWs they still hold.

"Simplistic solution to a complex problem?" You bet it is and it will work! But be ready for the hand wringing to start from CNN and others because the first thing these goons will do is try to march old folks women and children into the fields of dope. That will only happen if you insist on warning them first.

You must realize that there is a warning in all of this for any type of war criminal or terrorist. Say, for instance, "Country A" does not sell drugs, but sells oil. They use revenues from that oil to support terrorism. We trace a bomb or hostage taking to someone associated with them and we give them that ultimatum. "Fail to release one hostage or kill one hostage and the cost will be one oil refinery." No sympathy for the "we just support the cause and don't take hostages ourselves." You'll only need to destroy one refinery and there will be no more money for terrorists or biological weapons, because we will have already cut off the money from dope. If Allah or Buddha, or even the ghost of Lenin really want these folks to kill innocents or hold them hostage, then those "Gods" and "Prophets" will provide them the tools. Then they can pray for what they want, just like we do over our POWs and hostages held by these goons around the world. Think about it - it's important.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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