Ronald Reagan had it right. Communism will in total end up on the "ash bin of history." But from Cambodia to China we seem intent on propping it up in the name of of a thing called "stability." Ronald Reagan called on the Soviet President to pull down the Berlin Wall and it came down. Nothing caused more stability than the Iron Curtain in keeping the hungry hoards out. Everything was pretty stable during the Cold War. No Kosovo's, no Desert Storm's and no Eastern Block intelligence agencies and scientists selling nuclear/biological/chemical warfare technology to tinhorn dictators and religious fanatics. Now there was stability and to coin a phrase; "It sucked." It still does.

We excuse outright murder in Cambodia under the guise of stability. We are bringing common murderers, maniacs and religios zealots to the bar of justice in an International Court, but they are seen as a threat to stability. A more extensive investigation of "crimes against humanity" has been conducted by the U.N. against Hun Sen than any of those facing justice in Europe. But he is allowed to murder as he is pictured as the road to stability. Ask his American Lawyer.

In China, Clinton mentions democracy and the liberal press falls all over itself in praising him for his deft handling of a "prickly issue." If I wanted Clinton to handle a prickly issue, I would have him ask China where all those Americans were taken, north of the Yalu river, during the Korean War. Of course, that might make the benign looking little murderer he was toasting on CNN look a little bit unstable.

In Vietnam, American businessmen are robbed and jailed. We act like nothing is happening except a couple of glitches on the way to economic reform and stability. We have laws against taking a bribe from foreign interests and against paying a bribe to them. In Vietnam we choose to ignore, that no one does business, without bribing the Communist elite. The fellows we smile and toast in Hanoi, directly ordered the murder of American POWs in the sixties. Not the same party mind you, but exactly the same guys.

We use castration to control the rapist. But from the beginning of time we have known through horrific lessons of history, only hanging or the fear thereof, will break the tyrant of the terrible habit called murder. You don't counsel or negotiate with murderers, you hunt them down and kill or capture them to face the bar. Clinton made a big deal about trying to capture Pol Pot. He could have had him anytime. The Royalists, not Hun Sen, were ready to conduct a raid and nab his sickly body for the trip to court. Clinton's "we're going to get him" was a ploy based on the concept of buying time, as he was reported near death. A court hearing would have brought instability through what Pol Pot would have said about Hun Sen and others in "the bad old days."

The US Government has known for years of King Sihanouk's knowledge of American POWs being held after the Vietnam War. Not once has he been asked about this, by a US Government Official. He told the Deputy Director of UNESCO, his daughter-in-law, that he had advised the Khmer Rouge to "hang on to them" after the Paris Peace Accords of 1973 and even after the fall of Cambodia in 1975. But this, the worlds longest surviving cancer patient, is viewed as the hope for stability, along with Hun Sen. "POWs and Democracy be damned." That is a heck of a policy for the worlds last super power.

The grand nephew of Do Moi and stepson of Hun Sen is in West Point Military Academy. He came home on summer leave and helped his stepfather and his mother's uncle plan the coup in July last year. No one has sent him packing. His attendance at West Point is looked on as a way to ensure stability in the future. Not since Benedict Arnold trod the shores of the Hudson, has such a treacherous person been present in the area. Even Samoza, another graduate, started out thinking democracy. This lad has murder and mayhem in his genes.

There is no such thing as reforming Communism. There is no freedom in economic reform and bloodshed in the shadow of a replica of "Lady Liberty" cannot be washed away with a contract for jets from Boeing. Perhaps in the glow of the red carpet, in that infamous square, Clinton could not see the blood of patriots or hear the murmurs of Americans taken north of the Yalu in the early fifties. Perhaps the din of drum and horn, as he led the "People's Liberation Army Band," drowned them out. Of course, going back to the sixties. Mr. Clinton failed to realise that "Liberation" means slavery and stability means murder in Asia.

I would venture to say the following: Stability has caused murder throughout Asia and has kept an accounting of the living and dead American POWs from being achieved. Never once has Senator's John McCain, himself a former POW or John Kerrey, a Navy Vietnam Veteran, ever demanded an accounting of those murdered in the POW Camps of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Like Clinton, they preferred to ape and toast in front of the cameras in Hanoi, with the murderer himself.

I fail to see how an accounting of all known POWs, dead or alive can be made, if in the name of stability we refuse to ask the hard question; "Can we start with those you murdered and buried?" If that dam broke, real answers about the live POWs might be forthcoming. Unfortunately, Rocky and the rest, the murdered and those still living, have been sacrificed on the altar of stability. God help us.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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