I guess it's time to confess - Dark secret of my past -
I tried so hard to cover-up - But my cover didn't last -
I shacked up in Cambodia - At a honeymoon hotel -
Sleeping with this little chick - used chains and whips as well -
The pimps were the Viet Cong - they provided food and drink -
Me with the little chick - and the whore-house stink -
Each room with a urinal - The head pimp "Colonel Klink" -
He'd wrap my leg in chain - Little chick sniffing every link -
Yeah it's time to admit - I slept with the Commie chick -
No excuse like others make - About pain and being sick -
I gave in to temptation - I slept with the enemy -
Now I bow my head in shame - For the whole world to see -
They must have washed my brain - cause when the small chick died -
I sucked the bones and ate the flesh - I licked the stinking hide -
In this day of sexual change - the INTERNET I'll shock -
With tales about whips and chains - and of a little cock -
The chick was my partner - stayed with me every night -
So now you know my secret - of what I did in that fight -
I pray there'll be no charges - for collaborating with the Cong -
Since I ate the chick - The evidence is gone -
So now all you veteran "heroes" - Have the right to say -
"He played and slept with the enemy - back on that fateful day" -

* Didicated to "DILDO" the chicken, who gave us some friendship,
comic relief and even a little meat in our darkest hour at "KLINKS KOTTAGES" CAMBODIA.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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