Why do you want to know - How I spend my time? -
I just keep plugging away - It does not cost you a dime -
If there is no one there - Why does it cause you so much concern? -
Could it be you know something - That would make the hell fires burn? -
If I was just a crazy guy - Or out here on the Lark -
Why does it make you nervous - What are the fears I spark? -
Do you pray every night - That some soldier still survives? -
Or do you rehearse the cover story - And resharpen the Garwood knives? -
Seems as if all were dead - Then my life would be a joke -
Just another wacko veteran - To sit at a bar and take a funny poke -
But it is your own seriousness - That makes me search for light -
Those men make the General shake - And give you sweats in the night -
Many times you've asked me - Just how it was I knew -
You look for secret sources - But my secret source was you -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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