So Saddam is making trouble - Got him some poison gas -
The man who wouldn't fight before - is going to kick his ass -
Bill just wants some air strikes - No full blown frontal assault -
Then if it should fail - It won't be "Slick Willie's" fault -
Russian envoy tries to intervene - But Saddam can't see how -
He won't meet alone with Bill - He's afraid Willie will drop trou -
So gas up your fighters, men - through the targets Bill will sift -
"Hit the lode of poison gas - But avoid that old ski lift" -
How about some ground troops, Bill? - Let them satchel charges blow! -
It's hard to send good men to war - When you wouldn't go -
So he'll just send some bombers - But no napalm or CBU -
"I think I marched against them - when I protested against you" -
Dressed in camouflage so fine - he salutes with his right hand -
"I learned to render that salute - in the Cadets and College Band" -
He's got the right to send them in - With hand held over heart -
But back when they asked him to serve - He couldn't do his part -
So fly into Bagdad, boys - leave nothing to the chance -
Bill will lead you from behind - Pray and drop his pants -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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