Down in the front of K-Mart - There stands a Soldier Man -
Accosting the elastic pants lady - Pink, stretched tight across her can -
As she waddles by - He makes his sorrowful, sickly pitch -
If she don't throw some money - He calls her a bitch -
"I never had no parades" - He is heard to whine -
I offer him a burger - "At MacDonald's I don't dine" -
"If you don't have no money - Just move on down the way" -
So it's not about the food - But about who he can get to pay -
A lady with some flowers - The veteran's poppies in a bag -
Tries to offer one to me - But the Soldier Man begins to slag -
"This ain't your spot - I come here every night" -
I start to wonder - If he had ever been in that fight -
As he advanced on the lady - With fire in blood shot eye -
I softly ask the question - If he would like to die -
He looked at me with fear - Then stuttered about the war -
I said he was no veteran - Just a camouflage wearing whore -
I stepped hard on his foot - Got close, so the lady wouldn't hear -
On his breath the garlic - Mixed with the smell of beer -
"Listen to me son - You were never in that fight" -
"But if you don't move along - You'll taste some war tonight" -
He scurried like a rat - To gather his junk and flee -
I felt a tug on my coat - The Poppy Lady stood next to me -
"That poor Soldier boy - He deserves a better life" -
I just smiled at her - But her words cut like a knife -
I made a solemn vow - To check out every veteran bum I met -
Been doing it five years now - Haven't met one yet -
I've met the "Section Eights" - And the draft dodging louse -
The "Section Eights" at K-Mart - Draft Dodger in the old White House -
So next time a Soldier Man - Asks you for a buck -
Check to be certain - He ever really lugged the ruck -
Don't listen to the story - About the time he spent in war -
Give to the Poppy Lady - Not the Camo wearing whore -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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