The winds of change are blowing - To give us all that we fought for -
But our leaders stand in silence - Spouting rhetoric from before -
We won the Cold War you know - But our enemies supporters won't believe -
They still try and snatch defeat - From the jaws of victory -
They stormed in noisy protest - While thousands died in the field -
But now the slaves tore down the wall - It's to freedom the "Peacenic" can't yield -
They wrote in the new histories - That we who fought were very wrong -
But now they carp from the sidelines - As we march to freedom's song -
Freedom's winds swept over killing fields - But our leaders support Hun Sen -
The captive bird of Burma - Stands elected, but held by scowling men -
Our companies invest billions - So the Lao and Hanoi cliques can stay -
But in Vientiane they jail the Christians - Just because they pray -
The people of the world - Want a piece of the "American Pie" -
But it's the piece called freedom - Not for our money they will die -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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