As a child, I was taught that right and wrong were clearly defined. The choices open to a youth were obvious. It was the time of "support any friend - oppose any foe". We all marched off to various parts of the world to do just that. It seemed to be part of the religious ethic most espoused.

The man whose eloquent words motivated us to do these things, is in these days being painted by the media, new age historians and film makers as covertly, truly being opposed to them. "Opposed"?

He birthed these very motivations by his eloquent call to arms. Nixon and Goldwater did not send us to do war against the "evil of Communism", John Kennedy did. Some "bellicose right wing Army General" did not bring Special Forces to the forefront, John Kennedy did. He authorized the Green Beret over the objections of the Army. Ike did not send the Cubans to die at the Bay of Pigs and then deny them air strikes, John Kennedy did. The CIA killed Kennedy? They loved this guy and so did most of the rest of us. Bill Clinton is a Kennedy clone? JFK would have jailed him for avoiding service in his "honorable endeavor".

Kennedy must be spinning in his grave at being portrayed as someone who opposed all the things he stood for. But the mythology that grew about JFK after his death is still with us today. Diplomacy and foreign policy are not now driven by the ideals Kennedy espoused. They are said to be driven by a "pragmatic approach". This translates into "overthrow any friend - appease any enemy". From Taiwan to Cambodia and on to Kosovo, nothing is as it was made to appear.

We demanded, and got, democratic reform in Taiwan. Then we got into bed with it's enemy, the country that murdered it's own citizens in the streets, in the shadow of their version of "Lady Liberty". We pushed Cambodian refugee leaders to return and participate in UN sponsored "democracy" and when they won, we made them accept the losers and later stood by while tanks attacked their homes. Some were denied access to the US Embassy because they were not "real Americans", even though they had passports. I wonder what Kennedy would have thought about that? I faxed Clinton from that battlefield; he was no Kennedy.

Our Government pushes "human rights" but turns people who have risked all to support these ideals back to the hands of their sworn enemies. Treaties made at the height of Colonialism are used to force people under the control of Communism. Jimmy Carter, who personally supervised the downfall of more governments friendly to the United States than anyone is supposed to be a supporter of "human rights". He goes around the world getting people to participate in the "Peace Process". Then, he goes back to building houses for the poor and leaves the winners of elections he personally observed and certified, in jail, under house arrest, or fleeing for their lives. Jimmy Carter as Kennedy? Give me a break.

When given the opportunity to actually vote in a free election, people around the world inevitably vote for true democracy. This does not make our media happy at all. No matter who the people vote in, our media only wants to speak of "Death Squads". You want "Death Squads"? Go see Hun Sen in Cambodia, the Sandinistas, SLORC in Burma and you can read up on Mao and Ho Chi Minh, they invented the Asian version of "Death Squads" based on Stalin's model. "Right Wing Death Squads?" The right wing did not invent the bomb thrower, the political assassin and the "one party system". The left birthed these and Kennedy, by word and deed opposed them. No Jesuit with a gun would have gotten sympathy from the Catholic President.

The police in Seattle are under the gun for gassing and shooting rubber bullets into mobs of fire bombing, self-described "anarchists"? What kind of self-defeating logic gave us "Save the Whales" and "protect the baby seals" but, wants the "right" to slay already formed infants and fire bomb the local Starbucks? To use the name of Kennedy in all this is shameful.

We paint people as "war heroes" from the Vietnam War, who were losers and nobodies of that endeavor. Give me John Kerry and John McCain and I'll give you Bob Howard and Pat Brady. Never heard of them? They are only the two most decorated veterans of that war. They never disgraced the uniform or tossed "someone's" medals over the White House fence like Kerry and never did they act as a propaganda vehicle for the enemy like McCain. Howard and Brady merely fought with total abandon and in the case of Brady, saved countless lives. They are what the term "War Hero" is supposed to denote. They need no image maker.

There is a world out there that longs to be free in the year 2000. We don't need another Oliver Stone propaganda movie and we don't need any media-created "war heroes". We need another Kennedy, and I don't mean his carousing, date killing little brother. We could use a Ronald Reagan right now also. These are the only two presidents, who, by the weight of their very words, moved this nation since World War II. Of course, the media tries to make one an icon he never was and tries to make the "Great Communicator" a boob. But, that is the new age mythology which must be overcome.

If one wishes to compare First Ladies, can you truly make an equation between Jackie and Nancy to Hillary and Mrs. McCain. The latter two come with baggage that would have made Martha Washington cringe. One is a filthy mouthed flower child and the other is a recovering addict. Somehow, in our media-controlled thinking, we can make these two heroic also. Go figure.

I would like to see a real man step forward to serve this nation as President. Someone who will open his mouth and motivate the youth of this nation to serve it, whatever may come next. Preferably, that will be someone who came when the Nation called him to war and we never have to peruse the propaganda he made while in enemy hands. Someone like Kennedy or Reagan. Someone who believes this "Nation under God" needs a moral leadership we have not seen lately.

Copyright 2000, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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