Holiday in Australia

Hok Lundy, bodyguard Brigadier General Sarin, Major General Kieu Savuth and General Meng Sreng, who is drug dealer Teng Bun Ma's son and owner of the Sheraton Hotel/Casino in Phnom Penh took a trip to Australia. Co-ordination for this trip was made by a female Australian citizen, Mrs Ren, alleged Mafia, who was at one time Lay's (Major General, Royalist Resistance) bodyguard. She is now aligned with Teng Bun Ma for the shipment of heroin to Australia.

As Hun Sen whines to the international community, the United Nations and the United States Government for money to fund "his election", his closest associates lost one million dollars gambling in Australia. This happened only a short time after the European Union (EU) pledged eleven million dollars to support elections this year. The reason given? "The Cambodian Government is broke." The US Government claims it is "promoting democracy" in Cambodia. If that is true, it would seem that our government could impose on Hun Sen and his friends to pay for their own election, already rigged to preclude any pre-election campaigning by the legitimate and elected First Prime Minister, Prince Norodom Rhanariddh's FUNCINPEC Party.

During the first week of March, 1998, Brigadier General Kim Sang, Deputy Commander of the Naval Military Police was murdered in his car on the way to work. After he was shot at the wheel, the car killed one old woman and injured two innocent male bystanders.

Kim Sang, a FUNCINPEC member, was the brother of MG Kim Ann of the Interior Ministry. MG Kim Ann was the individual who saved Sam Rainsy from arrest at Pochenjong Airport prior to the coup in July 1997. Major General Kim Ann is especially hated by Hun Sen supporters because he formerly served with the United States Army Special Forces in Vietnam with Team B-36, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

Much is being made about the attack on Cambodian "Drug Suppression" czar Heng Pau, a Hun Sen supporter. With the support of Hun Sen, Heng Pau and Mong Reththy, Hun Sen's money man for cannabis sales overseas, tried to take over the heroin connection from Lao General Cheng in Lak Sao. This was the connection established by former Khmer Rouge Major General Meng Peng, who was recently arrested for possession/sales of Lao heroin. He was recently transferred from T-3 Prison to "House Arrest" after a bribe of $50,000 was paid by overseas Lao Neutralists from The United States.

The assault on Heng Pau's house was over business conflicts and not drug suppression. The attack was carried out by Military Police (Gendammerie) belonging directly to Teng Bun Ma. The operation was led by Major General Kien Saruth. This was a wake-up call for Hun Sen. These gangsters had supported him with troops, money and equipment, but he should not believe he is the all-powerful strongman, as depicted in the western press.

The morning after the attack, Heng Pau and Mong Reththy had breakfast at the Lucky Burger restaurant and licked their wounds. Hun Sen, the so-called strongman of Cambodia, could do nothing for them. This was a reality of Cambodia visited upon supporters of Hun Sen, by some of his most important money men; "Don't ever believe your own the press -- you are not really in charge."

Down at the Intercontinental Hotel is a suite of offices. Hok Lundy and Teng Bun Ma run the wood and drug trade from there. Mr Hun Sen has asked many times to visit, but so far permission has been denied. The real strongmen of Cambodia are Teng Bum Ma and Hok Lundy. Hun Sen is their front man. They are not his.

It is recommended that action be taken within the United States Senate to insure that Sheraton Hotels International are not involved in any way with Meng Heng's Sheraton Hotel/Casino in Phnom Penh. Further, if the legitimate Sheraton Hotels International is involved, a push for divestiture should be made. This hotel was built with funds directly from the sale of heroin. In Cambodia's INTERPOL Office, Teng Bun Ma's Intercontinental Hotel and The Sheraton are known as "the houses that heroin built." Major American credit card companies, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Diner's Cards, are used to launder money through these two hotels.

What we have here are a former shoe shine boy named Teng Bun Ma and a "strongman" named Hun Sen, with a fourth grade education, holding a nation and people hostage. The weakness of the Clinton Administration policy, through Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, is an embarrassment to the United States of America. It is my belief that no strong statement from Quinn at this point will do any good. It is too late for him, he must go or there will be no change.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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