Fonda and Hayden

In 1973, I was invited with a couple other Ex-POWS to the Hollywood Press Club where Fonda and Hayden were presenting a briefing on their trip to North Vietnam and why POWS were lying about torture.The next morning the newspaper ran a story headlined: EX-POW CALLS JANE FONDA A TRAITOR.

As I read the news and traffic about the recent debate on Fonda, I pause to recall those hours. Gloria Steinem screamed at me and my Ex-Wife threatened to whip her right there. She may not of gotten along with me that well, but she was not about to put up with that.

Fonda tried to whine and explain her actions and about why she said we were liars about our treatment. But what really struck me was that Tom Hayden was wearing an NVA uniform shirt with a little red badge with the communist star on it. At the end, after I had challenged her over her statements and actions in Hanoi, they made their way down to where I was. Tom stuck out his hand to show there were no hard feelings. It was as if we were debating the price of Fords or beef. I said;"The last guys I saw wearing that shirt were brutalizing and starving me and before I met them, I slew people wearing that shirt by the thousands. Now you do not look like a Vietnamese, but right about now you will do."...(or words to that affect).

Our one and only meeting in this life ended there.These people were not just scammed into participating and they were not merely disagreeing with our Government; they were evil. I am offended not by their words today, but by how benign and reasonable they appear. It was not a "mistake"and they "were used but basically good hearted. ' THEY WERE EVIL PEOPLE!

Copyright 2005, by
Mark A. Smith - DSC, Major, USA, Retired

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