Like sentries standing silent - Guarding a king or queen -
A carpet of green surrounds them - Muffling the foot falls at the scene -
School children on a tour - Are told of soldiers still unknown -
Guided by an Old Guard Soldier - Speaking in a somber tone -
Up the road brave Marines - Raise the flag on a granite mount -
Just above the Black Wall - To a War, some don't count -
Just above sits Abe Lincoln - What would he think of us today? -
What would he think of a country - Where school children no longer pray -
A spire above the Capital - Washington looks down on the dome -
If he was still Commander-in-Chief - Could he bring the lost sons home? -
Down the road the sound of hoof beats - Boots in the saddle turned around -
Another soldier laid to rest - The bugle makes a mournful sound -
The rows of white stone sentries - Seems to straighten at Taps -
Homeless veterans stand erect - Then slowly doff their caps -
Down at the eternal flame - The hats of every service lay -
Because it is for Kennedy - There is also a Green Beret -
Then among the stone sentries - Words are passed from grave to grave -
"There is a sound of thunder - They are coming again to honor the brave" -
From the grave of a pilot - Shot down north of Hanoi -
"The sounds of Rolling Thunder - Still bring this old soul joy" -
Silent eyes from graves and statues - Gaze down on children with a tear -
Bearing flowers to an empty grave - For a soldier still not here -
In the mists of the evening - General Lee on Traveler appears -
"I've come to find the soldiers - And wipe away a Nation's tears" -
Early in the moring dew - Lee pulls up at Lincoln's feet -
"I haven't found the missing - Just a Nation in full retreat" -
Lincoln smiles down on the General - "Rest easy Robert E. Lee" -
"That sound of Rolling Thunder - Will bring them back from o'er the sea" -
So if you feel like quitting - Because the end you cannot see -
You must make the thunder roll again - And ride with General Lee -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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