"The process of elimination" is a term sometimes used by U.S. Government officials concerning where a bone came from and who it must belong to. This is a pretty fuzzy "scientific theory" if dealing with only one missing individual. But our Government has used it in cases of up to thirteen individuals off of one aircraft.

The famous "Pakse crashsite" is a case in point. By "the process of elimination" all unaccounted for crew members were "accounted for." In the face of direct evidence, including deployed (used) parachutes, piles of bloody bandages from the wounded and months later, initials stamped or cut in the elephant grass, in another Province, indicating survival by another, the U.S. Government turned an honorable endeavor into a charade.

Now this cruel exercise in Government myth making has been carried to the very Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Critical evidence, including an identification card, were "lost." Who has been relieved of command? Who has been jailed for falsifying records? NO ONE! Are these people even embarrassed by this? NO! Next we will be belabored with something to do with "good intentions." >p> No one debates that LTC Dick Schott died in April 1972. The U.S. Government has an eye witness, ME! But they have looked in a town forty kilometers away from where he died for his remains. They have lied to his family about the timing and the circumstances of his death. All, because of "Good Intentions." It is a FRAUD!

Is this new? No, it goes way back to when a young military man returned in 1973 from the prisons of Vietnam. Later he stood next to his own grave and marker. "Someone" or "something" was buried, but not him. All with "Good Intentions."

In "The Process of Elimination" many times there are no remains at all, for the individual in question. But since in the back rooms of our Government, all POW/MIAS perished, he must be dead. Thus he is and all other evidence aside, he will remain that way. That this process is FRAUD is self evident. Why is it so hard to say, "We do not know and quite possibly will never know." The only time they have come close to this is in the besmirching of the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. But even in this most sacred of plans FRAUD prevailed over honor.

The man used by our Government for years and thousands of cases as their "Doctor" and "Expert" on remains was a total FRAUD. He was not a "Doctor" and the techniques used by this FRAUD were derided as unscientific and in the words of one eminent Forensic Anthropologist; "Disgusting and fraudulent: Voodoo forensics."

Yet after all of this, we still hear that Resistance groups, POW believers and con-men are those generating bogus reports and "Pig Bones." The United States Government need look no further than it's own ranks to find FRAUD. The old joke about "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?" is no longer funny. Someone in Congress has got to make a stand on this issue. The far reaching ramifications will be felt in the next war. The time is now to act.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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