(This briefing paper was sent to a Senate Committee Chairman)

I have recently heard American diplomatic personnel describing Mr. Hun Sen of Cambodia, his wife and his "children" based on a totally bogus biography, created by Vietnamese Intelligence.

Mr. Hun Sen has been awarded honorary degrees from American Colleges, based on his position and his formal educational background. His "legend," created for him by the Vietnamese, has him being a "College student" or sometimes a "High School student leader," prior to going to the jungle, to join the Khmer Rouge. In reality he attended exactly four years of Primary School. Any further "education" he received, came from Vietnamese Political Cadre.

Three years ago, when Mr. Hun Sen's advisors were attempting to gain myself as an ally, I was presented with the United Nations Geological Survey of Cambodia, along with a map. I was dumbfounded to learn that Mr. Hun Sen and his minions "own" all the natural resources of the Kingdom of Cambodia, with the exception, at that time, of three small mineral deposits marked "FUNCINPEC" on the map.

I asked Hun Sen's men, what percentage of profits, from any joint venture with American companies, exploiting these resources, would go to the National Treasury. The answer was astounding; "NONE!" The profits would be shared fifty-fifty, with the American Company putting up the initial development costs. Even better there would be no tax on resources shipped out of the country; "The port belongs to us and so does the Customs Service."

The above should give you some insight into how Hun Sen has amassed huge wealth and continues to enjoy the support of American businessmen. In other words; "Hun Sen and business 100% - Cambodia and Cambodians 0%. I would recommend not one dime of U.S. Taxpayer money go to this Government until some of the millions stolen by Hun Sen are spent first.

American diplomats and Hun Sen's American attorney are attempting another scam. Though publicly denouncing the European Union's donation of eleven plus million dollars to the up coming "election," American diplomats are using this as a hammer to pry money loose from the American Congress; "European businesses will have a leg up on American companies." Whoever bribes Hun Sen, regardless of nationality, has "a leg up" on everyone who does not. After all, as the mineral map depicts, he "owns" the country.

Homes, land and businesses belonging to assassinated FUNCINPEC members have been confiscated by the "State" and are being offered, through Hun Sen's American attorney, to American investors. These things were stolen Senator Helms, after the legitimate owners were murdered. I question, under American law, how this can be happening, with no outcry from our Government.

Lastly, I would like to once again mention the "son" of Mr. Hun Sen attending the United States Military Academy. First, this is not Hun Sen's son. This is Hun Sen's wife's son from her marriage to a Vietnamese. His background and lineage are bogus, a lie to gain entrance to an institution that prides itself in casting out any liar from its ranks. As with our Government's refusal to refer to the bloody events of July 1997, as a coup, the rules apply to everyone but Hun Sen.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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