Pentagon historians are leading the charge to challenge U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers statements about a mission to kill defectors and the use of gas to get the team out. Once again, what appear as reasonable people, will tell American soldiers what happened on a far battlefield, years ago. But one must look at the true reasons behind why the government is so vehement in denying these "first hand live sightings."

First, the government has lied for years that Garwood was the only "collaborator" and suspected "defector." Officials have scoffed at any suggestion that they would order the killing of a "collaborator." Yet, time and again they have tried to make Garwood appear again and again in far reaching corners of southeast Asia, carrying weapons. The real secret was, there were many "defectors" and Garwood was not one of them.

Garwood was captured long before the media and a large percentage of the American population turned against the war. He also came before "McNamara's One Hundred Thousand," those young men of low native intelligence, who would be taken into the military, though they could not meet the intelligence standard. Garwood, through some sick process of elimination, became the "generic collaborator." Later he would also become the "generic live sighting."

Stupid writers of books, like the DIA's favorite "author," Susan Katz-Keating, have bought into government propaganda about brave teams firing on "Garwood." It was not Garwood in that instance and never was. But they were going after the real defectors.

Did it stop there? No, it did not. Once the staff rogues of the military get their teeth into playing war with pencils; terrible events occur. In at least one instance an "anti-war" Lieutenant nearly became a target on a mission to be run in I Corps. This is alluded to in the book, "Spite House." This mission was not run, because "someone" reported the "Junior G-men" of military intelligence to William Colby. He intervened and put a stop to this nonsense. As Colby said at the time; "You don't kill a man for embarrassing his West Point classmates and alumni." But these "Boys of War," damned sure wanted to.

So called "historians" now ply their trade on the Internet, supporting propaganda from active and retired paper pushers from DIA. People who were never true warriors challenge real soldiers with a line of B.S. that only others of their "Walter Mitty" ilk could love. But when real soldiers stand up and say "this is what happened," the fools key on gas and claim it never happened; "I never heard about this in my unit." Of course, they never heard about this in the "3rd Mess Kit Repair Company." But it happened and it must be believed, because these are real soldiers and men who are talking now. Not some story from some "veteran's outreach program" or "half-way house," but, a true story from the battlefield. They are calling the Lieutenant a "gun runner" and a "wife beater" or worse cannot be far behind.

I notice that only civilians, in rumpled suits, are fronting for the Pentagon on this one. No Generals and Colonels in beribboned uniforms are calling this a lie, because, no paper exists to support it. They don't put these things on any papers any of these fools will ever see. Only when good men speak are these things ever known. The historians and "computer Rambos" be damned!

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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