Now Mike is a real piece of work. Since his "retirement" from the Mossad he has been working "on loan" to a number of Intelligence Agencies, including the CIA and British Intelligence. He served as a special advisor to Manuel Noriega in Panama. Guns for dope and contract killings are his specialty.

His being in the Philippines when Colonel Nick Rowe was assassinated made him a suspect in my book. From there he moved to Thailand and took up residence in the Oriental Hotel. He left after "someone" dropped a dime on him in broad daylight, that he was not wanted plying his trade in The Kingdom.

The Mossad is like the CIA and the Hotel California; "You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave." Like Wilson and others, Harari is always working for "someone."

Now the question arises. Will Bill Clinton make sure that Mike Harari is arrested on US soil? Will his assets in the US be seized? Will the President impose on our allies to arrest Harari and send him to the bar of justice in Norway? The answer is "NO." Mike has been involved in too many "friendly" intelligence operations.

The reason Norway wants Harari is simple; he is the suspected mastermind behind the killing, by mistake, of Moroccan waiter Ahmed Bouchikhi as he walked home with his pregnant Norwegian wife. Seems a simple enough case. Harari killed the wrong guy and he is wanted. Not so fast. He has been known to have been involved since 1973. He has been allowed to ship a lot of guns, dope and kill a whole lot of people since then.

No agency can allow Mike Harari to go to trial. That would present some real problems. But to ignore him is unacceptable. Like Pol Pot, Mike is a killer. He has crossed the line a number of times from legitimate intelligence operations to just plain contract killing. But the President has an option. He could just hunt Mike down and kill him. There are some friends of Nick Rowe who would gladly take the job.

By the way, you might try Florida or California before looking overseas, Mr. President. I understand Canada made him feel unwelcome. He hasn't been to Arkansas since they closed that famous airport. So you don't have to look there, Mr. President. You shouldn't have any trouble identifying him, Mr. Clinton, you have met him yourself.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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