God bless America - The words brave Gerry Denton spoke -
From the malaise of self thinking - A Nation then awoke -
But even some of us - Forgot promises made to God back then -
That we'd serve the cause of freedom - If we could just go home again -
But from the desertion in Saigon - To the Private's seedy trial -
We don't stand for anything - Just hide behind the patriot's smile -
We basked in adulation - But forgot for which we fought -
Now we age in tarnished splendor - Ignoring slavery and social rot -
"Go and get your medical exam - This is our cherished right" -
But don't give a damn for freedom - Or those who still fight -
Will God bless America - If we horde freedom to our breast? -
Is that why we suffered - As brave men met the test? -
We're a little full of ourselves - "Hero" for all of us, a name -
But the time to heroic - Was back there in the game -
Some still wear the camouflage - Not just on Veteran's Day -
That's how we bless America - Not by living in yesterday -
I can't be with you good men - But in spirit I'll be there -
Think of thinks suffered together - And for me and mine, say a prayer -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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