While in the US Army, I could never understand why the subject of POW/MIAs caused such fear in Government officials. Initially, nearly all those who viewed the evidence were suitably shocked. They were really going to do something about this terrible problem. Then the next time you were called in, it was as if someone had punched then right straight in the mouth. There was no arguing with them. "Someone" had scared the hell out of them. No one told them the evidence was wrong. They just scared them.

If this was about what was right or good for the country, they would have tried to explain it to me. They didn't, it was just "too hot for me to handle big guy." Then you watched them professionally self-destruct before your very eyes. These were not bums, these were soldiers. But, not good enough soldiers to get them past this thing. Whatever it was.

Since leaving the Army, I have seen people become involved in this issue and get scared off. Sometimes it had to do with something personal and sometimes professional. More than one married man has been shut down by a few pictures of an illicit affair. Yet, known homosexuals have thrived as part of the cover-up. Why do the straight folks get scared and the gays thrive? I have no answer.

I've seen a former DIA Director and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense, be declared senile. But that did not scare them off. It finished them professionally, but it did not scare them off. Yet younger men are threatened with "something" and they quit.

I've seen fools, to whom every picture of some Lao in his garden, is an American POW. These folks thrive and are allowed to continue pontificating on their "expertise." But people with real intelligence and experience, get scared off? Go figure.

Were the POWs taken away by "little green men?" No, little brown men took them away. Then why do we act like an alien saucer landed and took them off to colonize Mars? I have no answer to that.

Phil Donahue once asked me. "Wouldn't anyone in Government, who brought them home be a hero?" Well I think he would and even Donahue thought he would be. But that guy in Government is scared to death. Of what? I don't have the foggiest idea.

Senators greet you like an enemy if you venture to suggest that all has not been honorable in trying to get an accounting of the POW/MIAs. You are not asking them for money. But, someone tells them something and it has to be more than "Mark Smith is a lying SOB." But they aren't talking either. "They" can't have something on everyone of these guys, can they? Even when dealing with American politicians, that is a little far fetched. Just look at the things our current President has survived politically. How can you scare this guy by saying you are going to expose him? He exposes himself on a regular basis, if even a few of the reports are true.

Do they threaten to kill them? This is something worth dying for. It can't be that. Some of these people have served on battlefields and by all reports, did well. What is it they tell these guys, but can't tell me? I do not know.

What makes people in the media spend thousands on the story and then quit? How do they go from ardent believer to total; "They are all dead" guys in a day or week? Got me. They say, "This is the biggest thing I have ever done." Then you never see "the biggest thing." It gets squashed.

If anyone has an answer, I'd sure like to know. So far, all I hear are rumors concerning drugs and experiments. Then there is the group that claims it is all to do with $3 Billion in reconstruction aid. I don't buy into that, though it may have been one of the seeds.

One thing that would do well for the issue of POW/MIAs would be for veterans to get back to reality. Group after group, including those working for the Government, make statements about going to "check the area" or village. Excuse me? Were these guys in the same war that I was in? We used to check the same area over and over. Nobody was fool enough to believe that ended that, during the war. You could walk within a couple of meters of a well concealed enemy and not see him. That we have teams scouring the jungle and villages of Southeast Asia is a Government myth. They question people at sites an MIA was reported. The "fix is in," they have Communists with them. Nobody is going to talk. But we have people in the Government turned away from certain areas at gun point. "We were too afraid to push it." Since when do Americans say to some five foot tall goon; "Can't go this way? OK, what the heck." What a namby pamby nation we have become.

Being a God fearing man, I don't care if this has to do with some dark side secret, aliens, demons, or the bloody black plague. I fear none of these things. God is on the side of truth. Anyone who thinks there is a reason, in the eyes of God, to desert your fellow man is a fool. They can shove their psychics where the sun don't shine also. A day of reckoning is coming and all this dark side crap will fall away. Want to fear something? Fear your maker. Because he is not pleased with your fear of other things.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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