The amps were blaring loudly - some rapper doing something he called a song -
People trying to fit in - Just going along, to get along -
In the bathroom, mirrors are missing - They are needed for something else -
The smart and the enlightened - Thinking only of themselves -
I just want to hear some music- Country or old Rock-N-Roll -
Don't want to be insulted - 'Cause the reefer I don't roll -
Listen to what you want - But don't malign what I like -
I could listen to rap in the fifties - At the corner, sitting on my bike -
Of course nobody shocked back then - No need to spread the dirt -
The most they did on the corner then - Was harmonize and flirt -
Back when the people couldn't go - Just anywhere they pleased -
They talked of love and freedom - In the songs, they only teased -
Everything today, you know - Laid out in gory detail -
Like smoke the dope, kill the cops - Just band together in the jail -
I want every race and color - To be just as free as me -
But if you want to be a leader - Take some responsibility -
They say what we do in private - Should be our own affair -
Then you say, kill the policeman - My child must see your body bare -
The power of suggestion - What to buy and where to go -
People like fashion lemmings - As the bizarre fashion winds do blow -
We say we're very smart now - We follow our own way -
Someone else tells us what to wear - TV tells us what to say -
I sit in faded Levi jeans - Strumming that good old song -
Then politically correct fashion police - Tell me just to move along -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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