Enough is enough!

We fought back in the last election for our good name, for the sake of our country and children now fighting a war. Those on the left, the enemies of all men who believe there really are things worth fighting for, now are taking honorable men to court. The charge? They want the courts to give them money, because we called them the lying scum they are. They claimed they and we were war criminals in the war in South East Asia. They stated they had murdered, raped and pillaged. I did not and you good men did not, do these things.

Every day another low life appears, trying to claim they participated in war crimes during Vietnam and during this current war. Our answer is to merely say it is not true. That is a load of crap. What have we become? We have nothing to defend. It is time to go after them. We need to demand that every admission of a war crime in any war be prosecuted and no retraction will be accepted without a full investigation. We have no need to defend honor and integrity in war, just because the other side has a better propagandist. Screw defend! --- attack! -- attack! ---attack!

We did not keep Kerry out of the white house with lies. The dolt lost because we forced truth on the American people and media. Yet honest to God heroes are being sued by the simpering, whining sissies of war? The next whining veteran I see on TV crying about participating in a war crime, by God, I want charged with that crime. They want to claim killing women and children? No problem partner, try them, convict them and I volunteer to be a totally unfeeling one man execution team - just me, myself and I. Later I promise I will not claim ptsd from the sleepless nights for me, you whiny punks. I would feel nothing but satisfaction in another mission accomplished.

In the first infantry division in 1966-67, a reporter gave a medic a knife and asked him to cut off an ear and then filmed it. I want that doddering old fool charged with instigating a war crime. If a reporter films an incident and later puts it on the air as a war crime and he had not tried to stop it and report it to proper authority, I want him or her charged.

If someone is going to be charged with leaking some CIA clerk's name to the media then I want every media outlet that repeated it charged. This idea that the media has a constitutional shield against being charged for revealing the secrets of this nation is absurd and has no legal legs. That myth belongs right next to John Kerry the "war hero."

Wannabes are now suing and attacking those who exposed them, with money behind them from the left. Kerry even talked about suing. We should be saying "Bring it on, John!" By God, we could end up owning a tomato sauce company. We could be sending condiments to the troops for free.

On the web there are those who are putting dead and wounded American soldiers on the net and holding them up to ridicule. By God, if you are going to get ptsd over something, let it be that and go kick their teeth in. That famous reporter from the sixties would probably give you a steel boot and then film you doing it. You could give it to the VA with your claim.

Some may think I have written this in jest. I am deadly serious. Enough is enough!

Copyright 2005 by
Mark A. Smith - DSC, Major, USA, Retired

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