Twice, in my memory, DOD put the "wrong" Military Officers into the seamy environment of self promotion and unethical collaboration know as DPMO. Those two Officers were Mike Peck and Chip Beck. Their written responses to the actions of the permanent crew of "The Good Ship Lollipop" are well written in terms any military man would understand.

Where Mike Peck delivered his indictment in the way one would expect of a highly decorated soldier, Chip Beck delivers salvos of fact with a stiletto, rather than a trench knife. Both are equally effective and show there is indeed room for differing styles within the Officer Corps.

In the world of toadying Military Officers and Cadaverous, ghostly civilians, these two rays of light from the outside world must have been something akin to Dracula seeing the cross, for permanent staff. As they crouched in their corners waiting for the horrible light to fade, there must have been much gnashing of teeth and plotting for revenge. Yet their responses are so childish, girlish and self -serving, that rather than debating them, the tendency is to merely lock them back in their coffins for another five or ten years. But these people never disappear, because we only deliver the stake through the heart. Even Military Officers are playing military musical chairs in the false church of lies and deception, never returning to the honest world of military endeavor, called reality.

Mike Peck and Chip Beck should always be held up as examples of what military honor is supposed to be. To paraphrase; "They came, they saw, they vomited" in revulsion and retired. The coffins then opened and the demons again escaped to consume those left on the list of their evil duties. The statements of Conoboy and others are merely the utterings of those evil beings that cannot stand the light. Shun them personally, but we all should continue to update ourselves on their evil do nothing propaganda campaign. For in that endeavor lies not the stake, but the silver bullet that will cast them forever into that pit of evil from whence they came.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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