MY FELLOW AMERICANS, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a man, who is a hero to me. When, according to the press, no one cared if I lived or died, Bob Dornan stood beside my family and myself. At that time Bob held no political office. He was part of the media. But, as in all things, Bob Dornan refused to join the herd. He looked at his own experiences as a fighter pilot and military man. Then he demanded that his fellow citizens back me on the battlefield and when I went missing and nearly everyone thought I had died, Bob Dornan demanded I be found and brought home.

The mainstream media would like you to believe Bob is a "firebrand" and "rebel." What he truly is, has to do with a demand for truth, honesty in government and a return to moral values. He makes no exceptions in these matters, based on party and left or right politics. This makes many politicians, even in his own party, angry. But Bob Dornan is no Washington "horse trader" and gets in bed with the Devil for no man. They say he makes his fellow politicians nevrous. Frankly, I want and hope you want, someone in Washington making politicians "nervous."

On 14 February 1973, Bob Dornan had the exclusive of his media life. States Army's first returned Prisoner of War. I was that POW. But Bob said something that evening that showed the mark of the man; "I'm not here for an interview, I just have become so close to your family, I felt I should join them in welcoming you home safe." There was never a word in the media about Bob's "scoop." He kept his word. We need someone in Washington, who will forgo personal gain and media "face time" to keep his word.

I sued a Republican President, Bob Dornan and I both adored, over the fate of Americans still missing in Southeast Asia. Bob Dornan backed me to the hilt. I know it hurt him to do so. But Bob knew what was right and stood for principle over politics.

Bob introduced important legislation that would protect your sons and daughters in future wars. He alienated politicians and some of the new breed of clerkish Generals and Admirals in the Pentagon by demanding they not only command men and women in war, but lead them and be responsible for them.

Recently, the child of one of my missing comerades from the Vietnam War, told me that the required legislation to protect future soldiers would not be enacted, because, "we lost Bob Dornan." That is not true. The fate of that woman's father and perhaps your own relative in a future war is in your hands. You can assure all military wives, sons, daughters and parents, that they have not "lost Bob Dornan." Your vote will restore their champion and yours to the arena.

Let me say this. Bob Dornan never bought a vote in his life. Bob Dornan never made a promise he would not make a sacrifice to keep. Bob Dornan would rather lose a race, than cheat or allow any person or group to cheat on his behalf. I do not believe Bob's opponents can say that.

In a society that is becoming more and more "multi-cultural" Bob Dornan believes in one America, for all Americans. Many people, under threat, from Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, would not be allowed to vote in any election if Bob Dornan had not recognised their plight and demanded that our Government allow them to be free and share in the American dream. But, Bob Dornan never tried to get someone whose life he had saved onto the voter's roles, unless they were one hundred percent AMERICAN. I believe if Bob's Democratic opponent had taken this same honest approach and required her campaign workers to take this approach, Bob Dornan would today be in Congress demanding answers to the deep moral and ethical questions, the current President faces.

Jane Fonda hates Bob Dornan and in the past, even promoted a "returned POW" to run against him. This was not done out of patriotism and the "Returned POW" was no hero. That man was and still is universally detested by all of us, who truly suffered in the prisons of the Southeast Asian Communists. Jane Fonda's "POW" joined those same Communists against his own country and the rest of us. I ask that you join me, a POW who never gave an inch to the enemy and return Robert K. Dornan to Congress. You need him, every man and woman in uniform needs him and America needs him. Jane Fonda and a former Marine collaborator named Edison Miller do not need him and support his opponents. Which side you choose, will say a lot about you as an American.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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