We hear much today, as we did in Vietnam, that defeat is acceptable in this current war. One must ask how we could once again come to this most distasteful of national decisions. Perhaps we should look at the genesis and consider whether we have a national problem or a leadership problem. After all, we do appear to have a nation of sheep who demand action to kill one and all who attacked us and any of their ilk(11 September 2001) and then wish to cut and run (Most recent actions by Congress to cut off funds for war).The greatest accusation these folks can hurl is; ‘ He cried wolf.’ See? Darned sheep.

Defeat becomes acceptable to a large section of our voting public whenever a total quitter in any war is nominated for President (George McGovern in 1972) and John (‘I’m a war criminal and a war hero’) Kerry. May ‘the best man win’ has been replaced with ‘who cares as long as everyone gets to play.’ For years the media and the left claimed the real heroes of Vietnam were those who wished us defeated. What the American public never seems to get is the difference between heroes and anti-heroes. ‘Just let the kids play’ is yelled from the sideline by some fat lummox, male or female, who never ‘played’ in their sorry lives. Some tub of lard with four hot-dogs and an extra large classic coke yells ‘Hey no smoking, we are trying to set an example here.’ The ‘example’ shown is a formula for future defeat in war.

Illegal aliens violate our borders and our laws. What is our answer? ‘OK, let’s make them all citizens it is only fair.’ Now we see the real agenda of ‘who cares as long as everyone gets to play.’ Never did the assault on Little League and Pop Warner football have such a telling effect on the national psyche. We used to only train quitters in left-wing colleges but now we have them on the athletic fields of our very young. Our military should study the amazing success of these psychological operations run by the left. Every national moral is swept aside and the ‘good guys’become the ‘bad guys.’ How exactly would the left control some really large guy on PCP on the streets of L.A.? Oh, I forgot ‘ who cares as long as everyone gets to play.’ After all, our way of fighting illegal drugs is to accept defeat and make sure all committing an illegal act have a clean instrument to do it with.

Our magnificent way of life has defeated the ideological center of communism by out-spending and out-smarting them. What is our answer to the subsidiary communists still holding out in abject poverty and starvation? ‘Let’s build them up with investment and feed them.’ We fear they might fall down? Heck that is supposed to be the object of the entire exercise! Then again, I forgot ‘who cares as long as everyone gets to play.’

It all seemed so foolishly innocent and not really amounting to much but in reality it is and has been part of a well thought out leftist agenda. The biggest part of that agenda today is based in the statement; ‘There is no winning an ‘unwinnable’ war.’ Though your spell-checker will tell you there is no such word as ’unwinnable’ it is used daily by our leftist scholars and media. The spell-checker is right and it should not be part of the American vocabulary. Today young virile men of the US Army, Marine Corps and Navy/Air Force ground components carry the fight over difficult terrain to our sworn enemies who wish to kill us. They have done exceptionally well under these difficult circumstances and have remained motivated through multiple combat deployments. The old leftist axiom ’lets declare victory and leave’ has progressed (they do call themselves ‘progressives’) to ‘lets declare defeat and leave.’ After all, defeat is now acceptable. Do we have a national (people) problem or a leadership problem? It is both because our leaders come from us and we, as a people, are the problem. You know. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose but how you play the game.’ It doesn’t matter? That is right, losing is acceptable and WE are to blame.

Copyright 2006 by
Mark A. Smith - DSC, Major, USA, Retired

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