Recently a Vietnamese group called for a protest at the border between Thailand and Cambodia. They have billed themselves as being part of the "World Anti-Communist League." What the leadership of this group truly is, has to do with criminal behavior and a bogus resistance front set up in Thailand, Cambodia and the USA.

Nguyen Huu Chanh is the Secretary of the so called "Free Government of Vietnam." He stands accused of selling illegal, worthless bonds in the United States.

Hung Le, aka Henry Le, aka Henry Lee, has been arrested in connection to this scam.

The following noted Vietnamese lost all credibility in the Vietnamese community, when they joined with the "Free Government of Vietnam;"

  1. General Linh Quang Vinh
  2. Vice Admiral Lam Nguon Tanh
  3. Division Commander Nguyen Buy Hinh
  4. Colonel Toan

Most educated Vietnamese know Nguyen Huu Chanh, aka Tony Chanh, is an agent of the Hanoi Communist Government. His position is to destroy the trust between the overseas Vietnamese and the true resistance.

Thai Intelligence has determined that Tony Chanh is only trying to establish himself as a real resistance leader, by engineering his own arrest in Thailand, to avoid arrest in the U.S. over his illegal bond scam.

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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