He said "I'm blind you know - Could you give me your hand?" -
We stood in the hospital ward - In camp Zama, Japan -
As I took him by the arm - He said. "I led my men well." -
He said he took them through the fire - Most he saved from hell -
Except for the sunglasses dark - He showed no signs of war -
But one thing I knew - He was not the faker or the whore -
Like some old war movies - I led him from place to place -
He'd just come from Danang - But his skin looked like paste -
I saw the swishy orderly - Who wants to rub my back -
But I told him if he touched - I'd give him such a whack -
"I see you found my Johnny - Isn't he so darned cute?" -
"Every night I tuck him in - Give him a little toot" -
As the orderly swished away - The blind man gave a grin -
"She sounds so darn cute - It makes me like to sin" -
He really didn't know - The orderly was a silly boy -
In his sightless world - A woman brought him joy -
That night in the breezeway - I knocked out the light -
When the orderly swished through - He got a little fright -
I broke his nose, I broke his arm - Then I broke his jaw -
He was a casualty of war - If one I ever saw -
Next morning they found him - A note pinned to his smock -
"This isn't about what he is - It isn't meant to mock" -
"Forget about the legal rule - It's about being good and kind" -
"Never trip old ladies - Or take advantage of the blind" -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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