In Thailand, politicians or police caught in corruption rarely deny their guilt outright. They merely say, "Show me the evidence." Because of draconian libel laws, rarely does one dare make a statement without some proof. Yet, in too many instances, newspapers are shut and people jailed for not having "enough proof"; Guilt is secondary.

The Left in America is totally different. We, through their control of most of the media, have become the most propagandized nation on earth. American children believe that Nixon was the only President "impeached". No, there have been only two; Johnson after the Civil War and that Liberal icon, Bill Clinton. Neither was removed, but you would never believe Clinton disgraced himself from watching or reading the "mainstream" media. He is on "Larry King" as I write this.

Our media turned old "Gorby" of Russia into the "Liberator of Eastern Europe". Few if any Russians believe that. Ronald Reagan set out to put the USSR out of business and he pushed them to the brink and a fellow, labeled as a drunk by our own left-handed media, pulled the plug and shut it down. His name was Yeltsin. But, it was Gorby we brought over to teach in our universities. The man who did his best to preserve a bankrupt slave state is always portrayed as a democrat. He never was that, as in the "father of democracy", but he may fit well into the left wing of our own Democrat Party. If one can make a Vietnam Veteran of short duration into a "war hero", why not turn Gorby into a "democrat?" It is all a lie, people.

Remember the giggles and outpouring of propaganda when Reagan brought about "SDI"? It was claimed it all came from a movie he had seen. The idea actually came from Teller, the "Father of the Hydrogen Bomb". Gorby begged Reagan to drop the idea, but he told the Communist to shove it. But, no school kid will ever read that in California. George Bush Senior never took credit for the down fall of Communism. He consistently gave the credit to Reagan, but not our left wing media. That's a lie, folks.

The left decries sexual harassment in the work place, but treated the two women who turned down Bill Clinton like whores. The left paints the USSR as doing the most to win WWII. Your fathers on Omaha were bit players in their book. Rarely do you hear or read about Russia and Germany carving up Poland to start that war. The "Russians suffered more casualties than anyone"; Yes, you can do that when you have political officers running behind the lightly armed ranks of soldiers, shooting anyone that waivers. Now that is a very "Progressive" attitude. They would have been speaking German without our "Liberty Ships".

Every few months we hear about the terrible things we have done to Cuba from our Leftist media. Never do you hear about the Americans tortured by the Cubans in Vietnam. You will never hear an "Investigative Report" from CBS on how many pilots were shot down by Russians, East Germans and Chinese Communists during the Viet Nam War. That would give too much credit to the theory of us facing down International Communist Forces in that war. You hear everyday about how the Moslems are suffering in Iraq and in our prison in Cuba. Some fool may have knocked a Koran off the table. I wish I'd had a Bible in my POW camp, but I was told there was "No God". Where were all you wonderful people when I needed you? You were sitting at the feet of a false God named Ho Chi Minh, reading Lenin and Marx. Walter Cronkite did more to bring Communism to Southeast Asia than any AK-47 carrying NVA ever did. He and the left wing gave us the idea that quitting is alright and even "honorable".

"Where are the weapons of mass destruction"? We are constantly beat over the head with that one. We are told about "intelligence failures" in the "War on Terror". We want to know who claimed there were "weapons of mass destruction"? Go back and look, people. Saddam Hussein said he had them and he had used them. He is heading for trial, folks, and that is a win. Do you believe there would be a force blowing up our troops and innocent Iraqis and Afghanis without our own media giving them the confidence they have a chance to make us quit? If you do, you are a damned fool.

"Deep Throat" comes out of the closet and the media swoon. The guy did not go to the prosecutor and present what he had. He went to the Washington Post. He, like Nixon and his people, violated the law. The Left has exposed our agents overseas, they have gone into the enemy camp to support them and they have labeled our Troops as criminals. From Jane Fonda and Alger Hiss to Deep Throat, we see our worst portrayed as "heroes". Deep Throat was angry at not being elevated to Director and he reacted with sour grapes, not honor and integrity. Would he have participated in illegal behavior had he been elevated to the Top Post? He already had you left handed fools! Let me drop a total Politically Incorrect Statement on you; "I am home from a cruel prison, because Richard Nixon bombed my enemy until he quit". Then you handed my enemy a win by default.

Remember when Jimmy Carter turned on every ally we had? We were actually in the business of bringing down friendly governments the Soviets had no prayer of toppling. Our "mainstream media" never met a Leftist they didn't love. They are willing to lie to bring them to power and maintain them. Ho Chi Minh was portrayed as a man who foreswore sex and marriage for the cause. His "minor wife" and his children hold a death like grasp on the gambling and drugs in Vietnam today. He personally directed the torture of American POWs. The kind grandfather created by our own media was a myth.

Remember when Daniel Ortega was voted out of office by his own people? We had Leftists from our own media making statements like; "They just don't get it". No, actually they saw through you and Jimmy Carter and saw the lie. They got it, you did not.

Honorable warriors stood up and proved to the American people that John Kerry was a liar and a "Wannabe". Yet, these good men are still portrayed as part of some "right wing conspiracy". They were professional Navy men and former POWs, but let's not let honor and integrity get in the way of this time honored lie by the left, kind of like CNN and "Tailwind". I'm glad President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon and I want to know what kind of discharge John Kerry got from the Navy before 1978. "Investigative Report" that for me, 60 Minutes.

"The military are only in it for the money now". Because we actually pay our Troops now, the left portrays them as non-thinking mercenaries; they could not possibly be doing it out of patriotism and sense of duty. Gee, what would Bill Moyers and Dan Rather talk about if that was allowed to be stated?

Let me get it straight; "Ronald Reagan was an oaf". "Ho Chi Minh was a Nationalist and not a Communist". "Vo Nguyen Giap won a great victory in Tet 1968", even though he lost thousands of men and could hold not an inch of the real estate he invaded. "John Kerry is a war hero and former POWs and "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" are all bums". "George Bush dodged the draft, but Bill Clinton was a man of conscience". "Oliver Stone gave the only "real" portrayal of what went on in Vietnam". "Agee is a hero for exposing CIA agents, watching them die and fleeing to Cuba". "Sihanouk was a "Neutralist" and we created the Khmer Rouge". These are all things Americans bought off on, because some left wing media icon told them it was true. Every one is an outright lie!

Wake up America! We are at war and there are a great number of left handed liars, who cannot stomach you and our brave Troops "winning one for the Gipper".

Oh! Next time you hear some "Vietnam Veteran" whine, check and see if he ever actually served there.

Copyright 2005, by
Mark A. Smith - DSC, Major, USA, Retired

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