Good men stood side by side - Eyes and jaws were set -
There were very few left now - There amongst the blood and the sweat -
I heard a whispered prayer - to a God so far away -
The words in musical Vietnamese - All nations' soldiers pray -
On the radio were whispered pleas - "Can you get us out?" -
The NVA in the woodline now - I heard commanders' shout -
In-coming, sporadic now - Both sides held their breath -
Then he sat down by the radio - A grenade came through the door -
I didn't have to turn and look - When I heard his big Colt roar -
A brave American Officer soldier - Went by his own hand -
The Pentagon clerks were shocked - Wouldn't expect them to understand -
Then I took them from the bunker - Back to the sandbag line -
Howard said he was wounded too - But to me, he looked just fine -
Fast Ed and Sergeant Kenny - No longer on the radio -
A sniper blew my handset off - It was time to go -
My motions coming slower now - Asian eyes and Lull's on me -
I squatted after the ambush - My guts forced out a bright red pee -
Lull said I wouldn't make it - But he'd tell the folks what I had done -
He walked away with the Viet Major - I cried into the setting sun -
Only three good men left - I didn't know about the rest -
We went a little further - Still trying to do our best -
It wasn't now if you died - But how you chose to leave -
Weapon pointed forward still - No time to stop and grieve -
I looked back on the little town - For which we fought and died -
Knowing the old women knew -That I had truly tried -
As I turned to start again - I swore a solemn vow -
To never forget Seven April - And I've kept that oath 'til now -
So all you Saigon warriors - Holding court at the Legion Hall -
Don't tell me what you did that day - And how you had a ball -
All you staff pogo officers - Who write about Loc Ninh -
Then lie about what Big Dick did - And the Sergeant's terrible sin -
You never knew about that war - Just a hole punched in your chit -
Don't write about Seven April - From the halls of chicken shit -
Just one day in a soldier's life - But the biggest one for me -
Now for Big Dick and the Vietnamese - I tell all for the world to see -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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