"You know he was not there that long" - But they picked me to come home first -
"He was just another Ranger Man" - But I tested the desert thirst -
"So later they put students there" - But not seventy miles through old white sands -
"He thinks he is our better" - Well I have made my stands -
"All POWs got Purple Hearts" - But not for thirty eight wounds -
"They say he is a criminal now" - I never stood amongst the goons -
"They say he plays with little girls" - my wife's been here fourteen years -
"He's really like the rest of us" - No I've never known your fears -
"You know he stole some money" - Could you please show me my bank? -
"He took the money from 'The Families'" - Would you name me one to thank? -
"He sued our beloved Ronnie" - But I stayed in his house -
"He has no kind words for me" - I never stroke the louse -
"He thinks he fought better than the rest of us" - Now that one is so true -
"He thinks he has more awards than Murphy" - No, just more than you -
"He called that DIA Colonel just a clerk" - His war fought with a pen -
"He thinks Garwood is a hero" - No, just like the other men -
"You know he called Susie Katz-Keating a liar" - She never talked to me -
"He threatened to punch folks out on the Internet" - I didn't know their pants they'd pee -
"Over in Asia they believe his bull" - They've been to war with me -
"He'd sell wood for a gangster" - I've never cut the tree -
"At Loc Ninh they captured a thousand" - Nine hundred good men died -
"He says his Colonel shot himself" - About this my country lied -
"He claims he saw a video tape" - It's the least that I now know -
"Two Americans wouldn't get in the boat" - But twenty-four Asians did go -
"The fool almost died in Laos" - But they knew that I had come -
"The fool shot it out with the Pathet Lao" - I never learned to run -
"He claimed Kenneth Quinn was a coward" - I stood when he fled -
"He lies about Cambodians killed" - I dug up the bodies of the dead -
"He lives in a flashback world" - I still carry a gun -
"He just loves to fight in wars" - I never said it wasn't fun -
"He'll still be fighting when he dies" - Thanks for the compliment -
"The rest of us have given up" - It was time to fold your tent -
"Well we just got a new hot tip" - I'll reserve a five star hotel -
"He's going to follow us again" - You may go straight to hell -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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