I was asked by a young fellow - How I survived till now -
There was a great temptation - To just boast and take a bow -
But a long, long time ago - In a dark and terrible place -
I stripped away the pride - Reached out and touched the Master's face -
Oh, I have a big ego - It's required to take the test -
But there are times of personal weakness - Even in the best -
But God smiles down on soldiers - That's the way its always been -
From the time of Moses - Even back when time began -
I was raised as a Christian - Joshua was a war hero to me -
I have a suit of Shining Armor - To protect in lands across the seas -
I have an old worn Bible - I carry to the battlefield -
I am trained in many weapons - But in time of crisis, it's the Sword of the Lord I wield -
I have been in battles - Where they say I only went f'ord -
But if they had eyes to see - I was surrounded by a host sent from the Lord -
So all you young people - When sports' stars say "Don't be like me" -
Remember he is right - Be what you know you should be -
Never let anyone tell you - That God is not for real -
Some day wounded in life's battle - You'll call on him to heal -
When you get old like me - Be sure you can look back to today -
And be happy you didn't wait 'til the end - Before you learned to pray -
You talk a lot about respect today - But how can God respect you -
If you refuse to acknowledge him - Until your life's race is almost through -
Real men bow before their God - There for the whole world to see -
While the agnostic and pretender - wait till the end to make their plea -
"It's all about respect" I said - I saw the young man's face grow tough -
"Respect for God and he for you - when times are good and when they're rough" -
You can be respected by earthly kings - You may have wealth and fame -
But when the last chapter's written - It better be God that knows your name -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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