The ignorance of arrogance - seems to be this boy's disease -
He claims the hero's status - but which side did he please -
I thought all of us came forth - after we came marching home -
We gave them chapter and verse - our words would fill a tome -
But when I asked the man - to let me see what the boy said -
It seems he uttered no more words - than the honored dead -
I don't recall I had a choice - to talk or not to speak -
You mean DIA couldn't move him - but the Cuban made him speak? -
How many of the prisoners brave - chose to sit in silence deep? -
You mean after five years of talking - he came home without a peep? -
If he had the option then - to silently take his bow -
What right does he have - to speak of others now? -
As they open up the memories - lay them on the public stage -
All of us an open book - But McCain is still a blank page -

Copyright 1998, by Mark A. Smith, Major, USA, Retired

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